Ash'lien Lodge is the fictional roleplaying headquarter of the Blood Elven guild Arya Elessaril.

Location Edit

Ash'lien Lodge is a Blood Elven castle located in northeast Eversong Woods. North of the Amani troll town of Tor'Watha and east of the Farstriders Retreat its located in a mountain valley on a cliff to the coast of the Forbidding Sea.

History Edit

Ash'lien Lodge was a small facility run by the Farstriders before the Third War. It was abandoned after the destruction of Silvermoon. It was later seized by Arya Elessaril and rebuild to a impressive fortress.

Headquarter Edit

Ash'lien Lodge serves as the main headquarter (sharing the main administration functions with the Bazaar Office in Silvermoon) for the military order known as Arya Elessaril. It is here where the main training facilities and barracks are located as well as the main supplies are stored.